Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries




CUWL Executive Committee

Teleconference    January 10, 2002


Present:  Gulig, Rose, Docken, Jax, Baum, Bredeson, Peischl, Moriarty (chair).


Moriarty called the meeting to order at 9:05 a.m.


The committee first discussed a proposal from Peter Watson-Boone for CUWL to establish a Public Services Coordinators Group as a standing committee.  Jax and Baum both noted potential problems if the committee, CDC, and LAMs each wanted to meet concurrently with CUWL meetings, i.e., for smaller libraries, the whole professional staff would be virtually gone.  Bredeson and Rose each said that their campuses don’t really have such a person at present.  Moriarty said that it might be advisable to have the group meet “outside” of CUWL meetings and then report to CUWL.   Docken, and others, then asked if the real focus of this group wouldn’t primarily be reference coordinators?  After more discussion, there was general agreement that the group would be more accurately called a Reference Coordinators Committee.  Baum and Moriarty would develop a brief charge for the committee and it would be added to the agenda of the January 29-30 CUWL meeting.  The proposal would be a two-year trial, with assessment for continuation at that point.


The committee also discussed the draft agenda for January 29-30.  Moriarty noted a couple of time slot changes to accommodate schedule conflicts.   He highlighted  the January 30 presentation at Learning Innovations by David J. Ward and its potential for integration with library services.  Docken clarified the need for discussion of the possible purchase of an Endeavor test server that would aid in software enhancement trials and therefore “unburden” particular campuses.  The cost could possibly be covered through the UWS automation budget.


Moriarty also discussed the assembling of a nominations committee before the upcoming meeting to begin working on next year’s slate of officers.  Only a chair-elect and secretary need to be elected for 2002-03.   (Rose, Peischl, and Huang consequently volunteered for the nominating committee, with Rose chairing the group.)


Moriarty noted that the spring CUWL meeting is set for May 2-3 in Milwaukee, location and details TBA.


The meeting adjourned at 9:45 a.m.



Respectfully submitted,

Jim Bredeson, CUWL secretary