Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries

CUWL Executive Committee Meeting

CUWL Executive Committee Meeting

March 7, 2001





Present: Joe Jax (chair), Bob Carmack, Lorie Docken, Anita Evans, Paul Moriarty and Patrick Wilkinson



1.      The meeting was called to order at 2:00 p.m.


2.      The Executive Committee appointed a Nominating Committee.  The members are Anita Evans (chair), Paul Moriarty and Arne Arneson.  Its charge is to select nominees for:


·       Chair-elect, 2001-2002 (will be chair in 2002-2003)

·       Secretary, 2001-2002

·       At-Large Member, 2001-2002


The Nominating Committee will give its report to CUWL at the April 26-27 meeting.


3.      There was discussion about the Governor’s budget, which did not include the UW System Library DIN.  Committee members reported different opinions regarding the possibilities of getting increased library funding approved for the coming biennium.  It was noted that campuses are authorized to lobby in support of the complete System budget.  Various strategies to support the library DIN were discussed.


4.      The Executive Committee discussed what committees it needed to form and how to consolidate the committees.  It was decided to form two committees.  One will be the Strategic Directions Planning Committee.  The other will be the UW System Acquisitions Funding Formula Committee.


5.      The Strategic Directions Planning Committee will be chaired by Anita Evans.  Other members will be Paul Moriarty, Anthony Galt, Ken Frazier, Jim Bredeson, Lorie Docken, Peter Watson-Boone, UW System budget person, ex officio (after consultation with Debbie Durkin), and one or two web instructional developers. *  Docken will consult with Ed Meachen about the instructional developers.  Also, Meachen will be welcomed to participate in the committee’s work.  The Executive Committee decided to fold the issues regarding the unallocated automation budget into the charge of the Strategic Directions Planning Committee.  Docken will consult with Meachen regarding if the UWS Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs should officially appoint this committee.


The charge to this committee is:


·       Identify strategic directions that UW Libraries should pursue for the next three years, staring July 2001.  Also, include specific action steps to advance these directions.

·       Think creatively and identify “out-of-the-box” directions.

·       Develop a dynamic vision and specific ideas that support the concept of “one system, one library.”

·       Provide ideas regarding potential funding opportunities for the unallocated automation budget ($740,000) for fiscal year 2001-2002.  (This is seen as a “phase 2” activity after strategic directions are identified.)

·       Make a preliminary report to CUWL in April and a full report at the fall 2001 meeting.


6.      The UW System Acquisitions Funding Formula Committee will include Bob Carmack (chair), Joan Robb, Melissa Kepner, Chris Goss, Ken Grant, Lorie Docken, Jean Gilbertson and Joyce Huang. *  The committee is charged to review the current funding formula and investigate possible alternatives and report back to CUWL.


7.      Jax noted that the Executive Committee would need to have another teleconference in early April to set the agenda for the April 26 - 27 CUWL meeting.


8.      The meeting adjourned at 2:50 p.m.



*Jax will contact persons named to see if they are willing to serve.



Respectfully submitted



Patrick Wilkinson