Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries





Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries

Executive Committee

Conference Call

October 10, 2002



Present:  Robert Rose (Chair), Christina Baum, Lorie Docken, Anita Evans, Anthony Gulig, Leanne Hansen, Paul Moriarty



Chair Rose began the conference call at 3:00pm.   He thanked Docken for arranging this call to discuss the CUWL agenda for the November UW System Joint Conference at Green Lake.  Rose had sent a draft agenda prior to the call; this served as the basis for discussion.


Docken and Moriarty will give UW System reports in the event that Ed Meachen cannot attend.


Three-year term for faculty reps:  The current four-year term is making it difficult to find new reps for the doctoral campuses. All agreed that we should propose a shorter term to amend the by-laws.  Gulig volunteered to talk to potential faculty reps to help them understand what is involved.  Some recognition of service would be welcome; Dr. Cora Marrett will be asked to write a letter of appreciation to Winston Van Horne in recognition of his recent term.  Ken Grant has been appointed to serve as the rep for Colleges.


Continued participation in joint meeting:  Some CUWL members wonder about the advantage of being involved in the UW System Joint Meeting, but this Committee feels that CUWL needs to be involved.  Some of CUWL’s topic recommendations for the coming meeting were not used because they require no positive action.  However, the main topic of e-learning will be of import to all groups at the joint meeting.  Evans suggested that CUWL discuss how to proactively affect the agenda in the future.


Hot topics “discussion” at Green Lake:  Rose will present CUWL’s hot topics of the digital library, ILLiad, and virtual reference during that portion of the joint session.


IAA: Identification, Authentication, Authorization (Update with LAMs):  Barbara Baruth requested some meeting time for her and Nolan Pope to update CUWL on IAA.  It was decided to invite the LAMs for this part of the agenda on Tuesday morning and also to include agenda items for e-learning and the digital library at that time.


Protecting Acquisitions Budgets:  This agenda suggestion will be broadened to discuss how budget problems are being handled on each campus.  This information has implications for the “one System/one library” concept and for our DIN.  If materials budgets had at one time been protected from cuts, there is no evidence that protection is currently valid.


E-learning Repository Concept (with LAMs):  Kathy Pletcher, chair of the UW System CMS Task Force, would like to consult with CUWL regarding a leadership role in this project.  The LAMs should also be present for this agenda item.  The repository discussion might be broadened to include the storage of smaller digital projects on local campuses.  Or another way to handle the smaller digital project discussion would be to make the e-learning agenda item flow into the UWDC discussion.  The LAMs should be present for both.


UWDC (with LAMs):  The Belgian American and Pioneer Experience projects will be highlighted along with the UWDC web site and procedure for project applications.  Smaller digital projects might be discussed depending on the repository discussion.   Hansen mentioned a collaborative digital proposal by an art faculty member that may be brought to CUWL by UWDC for discussion.  It would be helpful for CUWL to know what digital projects are occurring on campuses.


 Strategic Directions Review:  Rose will look at the plan with Evans to develop a progress report on it.


American Chemical Society Journals:  Tom Murray asked the Committee to add an agenda item to discuss these journal subscriptions.  It was decided to turn it back to the CDC at this time for their discussion.


ALS Document:  There may not be enough data to analyze since the survey has been conducted for only two years.  The CDC has also discussed consistency of data for reporting.  This item will not be included at this time.


CDC Report and LAMs Report:  These will be agenda items as usual.


UW System Reports:  These will consist of reports on Resource Sharing, including the survey data, and ILLiad.


Future Meeting Dates:  CUWL will meet again at the time of the WLA Legislative Day.  A suggestion has been made to have the spring meeting in Milwaukee just prior to the WAAL Conference since it is also in Milwaukee.


WiLS Report:  This is a possible agenda item.


Wisconsin Historical Society and UWSAC Reports:  Peter Gottlieb will be asked to report for the Society; Josh Ranger will be present for the UWDC report on Tuesday so he can report for UWSAC then.


Rose will pull together the agenda based on this discussion and will send it out about a week ahead of time.  Agenda items can still be added at that time.


The conference call ended to the sound of “Good-byes” at 3:42pm.