Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries






Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries

Executive Committee(s)

July 15, 2002

UW Baraboo Sauk County


Present: Baum, Hansen, Jax, Evans, Docken, Moriarty, Bredeson, Rose (chair)

(Peischl and Gulig could not attend)


The meeting was called for the incoming and outgoing CUWL executive committees to discuss current projects and committees and meeting schedules for 2002-03.  Rose thanked the newly-retired Paul Moriarty for participating in one last transitional meeting.


Review of current projects


The Enhanced Resource Sharing Task Force’s recent recommendation of the ILLiad product raised questions about the role of the committee for the next year.  Docken said that the bid process and contract signing are not yet complete, so that some specifics will have to wait.  Rose indicated that Kathy Schneider, who had headed the Resource Sharing committee in the past, would continue to chair the group for this year.  The executive committee will construct a new charge for the committee before the fall meeting; issues to be reviewed include ongoing-costs, overall policies, and net-lender issues.


The UW Digital Collections group projects with the Pioneer Heritage and Aldo Leopold collections are under production.  The group still has some “branding” issues to resolve, i.e., the origination of the materials.   A UWDC Web page as its own entity is a possibility.  The group expects to solicit more projects and refine its established criteria for scope of projects, audience, etc.  Rose will contact chair Patrick Wilkinson about specifics before the fall meeting.


The Reference Coordinators group has met once via teleconference, but needs a full face-to-face meeting soon.  The pilot project with Question Point is on the front burner for the group and one Wils World session is dedicated to the product later this month.


Evans noted that the CUWL Strategic Plan calls for a “continuous planning” committee.  Rose will seek volunteers for the group well before the fall meeting.


Strategic Planning Review


Rose and the group went through the 2001 Strategic Plan item-by-item and noted progress and examples since last summer.  Rose will shape a progress report for the full board for the fall meeting.  Action items still to be resolved for this year include:

·        Academic CoLab standards development and still many questions about the final products, the audience, ownership questions, and whether the learning objects will be primarily for external use or integrated into UWS curricula.

·        Several copyright issues, perhaps topics for the proposed fall joint meeting with IT people

·        Staff development ideas across UWS library staff in light of budget cuts

·        Develop or re-define the charge to the LAMs group based on how the group has evolved over the years


Budget Issues – Draft DIN


Rose reviewed the recent exchange of memos between UWS budget analyst Chris Goss and himself about DIN proposals for 2003-05.  The group discussed the merits of having funds to apply system-wide vs. allocations that would be used locally.  Several on the group reported some  local budget cuts that in essence ate away at some of the DIN monies received in the last year.  The group generally agreed that in light of the current state budget woes, it might be wiser to shift some “shared” DIN funds requests from Digital Collections to Shared Electronic Collections to help guarantee that the funds are applied directly to libraries’ collections.  Rose will discuss further with Goss.


WLA Legislative Agenda


The group discussed the timing of WLA’s request for background information and priorities for the 2003 legislative sessions.  Rose will send an e-mail update to WAAL legislative representatives Ed VanGemert and Evelyn Payson.


Memorandum to UWS VP Cora Marrett


Rose reviewed a draft letter to be sent to UWS VP Cora Marrett concerning support from the Regents and the legislature for UW libraries.  The group agreed that tying the letter’s emphasis to the CUWL Strategic Directions document was the key to our argument.  Rose will re-work the letter slightly and circulate for review before sending on.


USA Patriot Act


The group discussed the implications of the much-publicized move by the federal government to monitor patron usage of both public and academic libraries.  Evans asked if we needed a unified CUWL statement of policy, especially regarding conflicts with existing patron policies and state library laws.  The group thought a unified policy should also go beyond libraries and include IT departments and other groups.  The group decided that the issue would perhaps be an ideal topic for a joint ITMC meeting in the fall.


Proposed Fall Meeting Dates for Possible Joint Meeting with ITMC


Rose said that scheduling difficulties had forced ITMC to favor an early December meeting date.  The group felt that this would be too late in the season for a combined ITMC and CUWL meeting….that a meeting then would be too close to the CUWL Jan/Feb meeting date.   Rose and Docken discussed UWS events schedules with the group, and Rose will offer a couple of earlier possible dates in late September and mid-October.


The meeting adjourned at 1:40 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,

Jim Bredeson, Past Secretary