Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries

CUWL Executive Committee Meeting

CUWL Executive Committee Meeting

September 1, 2000

UW La Crosse


Present: Joe Jax (chair), Bob Carmack, Anita Evans, Paul Moriarty, and Pat Wilkinson

The meeting was called to order at 10:02 a.m.

  1. Discussion of CUWL issues and agenda for October 19-20 joint meeting for ITMC, CUWL, LTDC, EMTC, AND LAM in the Wisconsin Dells.
  2. 1.1 CUWL homepage. Jax distributed a memo from Lorie Docken stating that the web site is completed ( and there is a link to it from the UWSA OLIT page. Docken will announce the page after the Exec Committee’s approval. Jax asked the group to take a look at it and give him or Docken any suggestions. The group felt it was important that all standing committees and task forces have complete information about their activities on the site including membership and minutes. Also, a current activities link and an Endeavor update link were suggested.

    Action: Members need to look at page and give suggestions to Jax or Docken. The Exec. Committee needs to give Docken the ok to announce the page.

    1.2 Authentication Issues: status of UW System fixes. Docken’s memo noted that Nolan Pope and Barbara Baruth are members of the committee working on this issue and representing library applications. The IAA Group has made a request to the UW System Common Systems Group for funding to support the construction of a system-wide Directory Infrastructure & White Pages pilot.

    Action: The Exec. Committee will place this topic on the October meeting agenda and would like an update on this project.

    1.3 CDR Task Force; progress report. The group discussed the history of this continuing issue. Since the IPED form (which will be the basis for a change in the CDR) is now available, the Exec. Committee would like a progress report at the October meeting. Also, Moriarty will continue on the task force since he will be staying on CUWL through his three-year term on the Exec. Committee.

    Action: Place this topic on the October agenda for a progress report from the committee.

    1.4 Aggregator Databases; charge to LAMs as per May 4-5 CUWL minutes. The group reviewed the May CUWL minutes regarding its charge to the LAMs regarding this issue and noted Barbara Baruth’s article in the August issue of American Libraries. The Exec. Committee reaffirmed its belief that for several reasons cataloging in local catalogs of specific journals within large aggregator databases was not a wise policy for CUWL to encourage. The Exec. Committee is interested in the LAMs investigating the feasibility of a collaboratively maintained list of journals in the aggregator databases that would be available to all UW libraries that helped with the maintenance of the list. CUWL is interested in "solutions that are technologically based" and that would distribute the work of maintaining this list among all System libraries. It was noted that a few, individual UW libraries maintain such a list and often share the list with other libraries. The consensus was that the list should contain journals that contain some full-text articles.

    Action: The Exec. Committee would like a progress report from the LAMs at the October meeting.

    1.5 Resource Sharing Task Force: sub-group of Circulation and Public Service managers staff to implement principles. Suggestion for UB BETA Test group representatives as per May 4-5 CUWL minutes. The Exec. Committee reviewed a memo from Docken regarding the Resource Sharing Group. The Exec. Committee agreed with the Resource Sharing Group that a sub-committee be appointed composed of Circulation and/or Public Service Managers to take the principles and broad policy statements already approved by CUWL and develop recommended specific policies and procedures to implement resource sharing within the context of Universal Borrowing.

    Action: Approved appointing of a sub-committee including Clio Powers (Eau Claire), Michele Strange (La Crosse), Bill Doering (La Crosse), Diana Slater (Stout) and a UW Madison representative to develop recommended, specific policies and procedures to implement resource sharing within the context of Universal Borrowing and principles and policy statements previously approved by CUWL. The Exec. Committee would like an update report at its October meeting and a full report on this by mid-December 2000.

    1.6 Customized Database Task Force. The group discussed the update provided by Bob Rose regarding the task force’s progress.

    Action: The Exec. Committee would like an update report on this project and its potential for successful completion at the October meeting.

    1.7 Legislative Day Participation; best way to proceed. The group discussed the poor academic library attendance at the last Legislative Day in light of the support that UW System libraries received from WLA for recent funding increases. Several ways to encourage participation by UW System libraries at the next Legislative Day scheduled for February 13, 2001 were discussed.

    Action: The Exec. Committee recommends to CUWL that the winter CUWL meeting be held in Madison on February 13 (starting at noon) and February 14 (ending at noon). This is intended as a trial to see how effective this will be in increasing meaningful participation in legislative activities.

    1.8 Digital Task Force. The Task Force has formed a Content Committee and a Technical Committee. The Belgian-American collection at UW Green Bay has been identified as a good collection for a demonstration project because of the wide range of its formats. This will be helpful in determining future costs. The Exec. Committee discussed other digital projects in Wisconsin and potential funding sources. It was noted that UW System funds might be appropriate to fund digital library projects because of their potential value to study and research.

    Action: The Exec. Committee would like a report on the Digital Library Task Force at its October meeting. Also, a discussion should be started at the October meeting regarding what UW System funds may be good candidates to fund these projects.

    1.9 LAMs Committee. The Exec. Committee briefly reviewed the charge to the LAMs about the aggregator databases and cooperative list of full-text periodicals. There was also a discussion regarding Release 2000 and Universal Borrowing. In light of the changes in library technology needs/issues, there was also a general discussion regarding whether the LAMs deal (or should deal) with library technology issues beyond the management of the library’s integrated system (Endeavor).

    Action: In addition to the report about the aggregator databases at the October meeting, the Exec. Committee would like an update from the LAMs on Release 2000, Universal Borrowing, and other Endeavor issues. Also, it would like to start a discussion on the scope of the role of LAMs in regards to general library automation issues.

    1.10 CDC Committee; NetLibrary subscription. The group reviewed the CDC minutes of June 6-7 as it related to NetLibrary. There is some concern and confusion on how the UW System NetLibrary participation in the consortium was finalized.

    Action: The Exec. Committee would like a report from the CDC at the October meeting, which includes an update on UW libraries’ participation in the NetLibrary consortium.


  3. CUWL chair-elect vacancy
  4. Paul Moriarty noted that Plattville is in the process of searching for an Associate Library Director who will eventually be the library’s representative to CUWL, but he will be staying on CUWL through his three-year term on the Exec. Committee.

  5. Review CUWL Strategic Plan for 21st Century
  6. Action: The Exec. Committee will place a review of the strategic plan on CUWL’s agenda for its April 2001 meeting.

  7. Access for Students with Disabilities Guidelines
  8. Information about the Committee on Access for Students with Disabilities is available at Guidelines regarding hardware and software to help implement the report's recommendations are forthcoming.

    Action: The Executive Committee would like a report on these guidelines at its October meeting.

  9. Future CUWL Meetings, 2000-01
  • October 19-20, 2000. Wisconsin Dells (Joint Meeting)
  • February 13 – 14, 2001. Madison (Proposed)
  • April 26 – 27, 2001. Platteville (Proposed)

Action: The Exec. Committee will propose the February and April dates to CUWL at its October meeting.

  1. Other Business

6.1 Faculty Representative on the Exec. Committee. Jerry Rodesch’s term has expired on CUWL as of June 2000. The Exec. Committee needs a faculty representative.

Action: Jax will contact Docken to find a representative.

6.2 Library DIN. The group discussed the UW System request to increase acquisitions budgets by 4.7 million.

Action: Jax will contact Ed Meachen and inquire why the System request was written the way it was, if annual increments to acquisition budgets are a possible goal, how strong is System support for this DIN, what can/should CUWL do to help secure the proposed additional funding. Jax will hold a CUWL conference call if needed.

6.3 Joint Meeting Schedule. There was a brief discussion of the general sessions at the joint session meeting in October.

Agenda items, to date, for October 19-20 meeting

  • Update on Authentication issues and the UW System IAA group as it relates to library applications.
  • CDR Task Force; progress report
  • Aggregator Databases; electronic periodical full-text list
  • Resource Sharing and Universal Borrowing
  • Customized Database Task Force: Update
  • Digital Library Task Force: Update and discussion of funding issues
  • LAMs report: Endeavor update and general library automation issues
  • CDC report
  • Access for Students with Disabilities Guidelines
  • Update from Lorie Docken
  • Discussion with Ed Meachen (According to Docken memo, he is available during the morning of October 20.)



The meeting adjourned at 1:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted

Patrick Wilkinson, Secretary