Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries


CUWL Executive Committee Meeting

November 10, 2000



Present: Joe Jax (chair), Bob Carmack, Anita Evans and Patrick Wilkinson

Absent: Paul Moriarty


  1. The meeting was called to order at 11:02 a.m.
  2. UW Digital Library Strategic Direction Steering Group
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The Executive Committee agreed that Jax would appoint the following to the steering group: Peter Watson-Boone (chair), Arne Arneson, Anita Evans, Patrick Wilkinson, Nolan Pope and the chair of UWSAC. Lorie Docken will be an ex officio member of the group. Others may be asked to participant in the group’s work as needed.

The steering group is charged to:

  • Define the purpose, scope and goals of the UW Digital Library (UWDL).
  • Explore appropriate governance structure of the UWDL.
  • Consider the issue of fee vs. free access to non-UW users.
  • Find ways to involve faculty in identifying and providing editorial assistance for projects.
  • Suggest possible UW funding sources such as collection development and/or automation funds.
  • Investigate the relationship of the UWDL with other digital library efforts in the State.
  • Give a preliminary report to CUWL at its February 2001 meeting.
  1. Changing Nature of UW Libraries
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The Executive Committee discussed the desire expressed at the October meeting that CUWL have a focused discussion about the changing nature of UW Libraries. It was agreed that it was important for CUWL to have this discussion. Jax will ask Ed Meachen to facilitate the discussion or suggest another facilitator. Jax will ask Lorie Docken to provide flip charts for the discussion and someone to record the points made.

This discussion will take place at CUWL’s February 2001 meeting in Madison. It will be scheduled for the evening of Tuesday, February 13 starting at 7 p.m. Some issues to be discussed will be:

  • the declining print use statistics.
  • libraries vs. computing labs.
  • the effects of a laptop campus on library use, access and traditional library interfaces such as reference services.
  • the integration of "library" electronic resources into web-based courses.
  • other issues.
  1. Miscellaneous Issues.

CUWL will meet on February 13 and 14 in Madison. The February meeting is tentatively scheduled to start at 2 PM on the 13th so librarians can participate in WLA’s Library Legislative Day earlier that day. CUWL will conclude at noon on the 14th. Lorie Docken will handle locate arrangements for the Madison meeting. Items for the agenda include:

  • a discussion of the changing nature of UW Libraries.
  • the library DIN and a recap of Legislative Day.
  • a report from the UW Digital Library Strategic Direction Steering Group.
  • other committee and task force reports as noted in the October 2000 minutes.

There were questions about the strategy group that was looking into ways to support the current library DIN. Jax will contact Ken Frazier and Ed Meachen to see how these efforts to support the DIN are going. Jax will ask Lorie Docken to post the library DIN on the CUWL web page.

Jax noted that CUWL has two new faculty representatives:

  • Anthony Gulig from UW Whitewater.
  • Anthony Galt from UW Green Bay.
  1. The meeting adjourned at 11:40 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Patrick Wilkinson