Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries

Executive Committee

Officers and Executive Committee: composition and terms of office.

1. The officers of CUWL are: Chair, Chair-elect, and Secretary. They are elected from CUWL for one-year terms.

2. The Executive Committee is composed of the officers of CUWL plus the past-chair and two additional members, one of whom should be a faculty representative, elected from CUWL for two-year staggered terms.

3. Terms for officers and other executive committee members begin on 1 July of each year.

Officers and Executive Committee duties.

The duties of the officers include, but are not limited to:

1. Planning meetings and establishing the agenda.

2.   Appointing members to CUWL coordinating committees, delegating issues or projects to the appropriate coordinating committee(s), or appointing ad hoc working groups as necessary.

3. Appointing CUWL representatives to membership in, or attending meetings of, appropriate groups and activities, e.g. UW campus CIO's, or WISCNET board of directors. However, CUWL representatives to WiLS are elected by CUWL, as specified in IV. B below.

4. Acting on behalf of CUWL in matters and issues that, because of time or other unusual constraints, cannot be considered by CUWL as a whole. Such action shall be reported to CUWL on a timely basis.