Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries

Strategic Directions 2011
The Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries

Strategic Directions 2009 - 2013

The UW Libraries as part of the UW System help to provide Wisconsin with world-class education and research. In a struggling global economy, the UW System is Wisconsin’s premier developer of human potential, which creates jobs that will lead to a strong future, and the UW Libraries play a key role in this development. The UW Libraries have successfully employed the concept of One System, One Library in order to maintain and improve world-class collections that advance teaching, learning and research. One System, One Library has also allowed the UW Libraries to achieve efficiencies in services in an environment of flat or reduced budgets and rapidly increasing costs. It has been nearly twelve years since the Libraries received an increase of state funding. Now is the time to reinvest in the UW Libraries to fully realize the vision of a stronger and more robust One System, One Library.

Strategic Direction 1. Enhance user discovery and delivery of library resources and services.
Objective 1. Pursue unified search/request environment for all UW System library collections.
Objective 2. Increase access through digital formats to library and institutional content.
Objective 3. Improve on and off campus access and simplify use of all resources.

Strategic Direction 2. Build partnerships for advancing learning and scholarship.

Objective 1. Enhance alliances and communication with senior campus administrators, faculty, students, public policy makers and the K-12 community.
Objective 2. Develop a Research Fellows network that will advance scholarship of the faculty.
Objective 3. Incorporate information literacy skills/learning outcomes into campus core competencies.
Objective 4. Partner with IT and faculty to integrate library resources into D2L and other academic content delivery methods.
Objective 5. Continue to develop a comprehensive program for cooperative collection development across the UW System.
Objective 6. Promote change in alternative scholarly communication, public access publishing and author’s rights.

Strategic Direction 3. Realign priorities and budgets to improve services for users.

Objective 1. Develop culture of assessment to better align collections, services, and spaces with user needs.
Objective 2. Increase the Shared Electronic Collection to meet the scholarly and educational needs of all UW faculty and students, by working to secure funds for the UW Research Commons initiative.
Objective 3. Research models for changing work flows to achieve efficiencies and cost savings
Objective 4. Prepare staff for changes that will allow the UW Libraries to best serve the faculty and students in the future.
Objective 5. Rework the traditional library to support student success.