Coordinating Committees

Document Delivery Funds Working Group


The CUWL Working Group on Document Delivery was given the following charge:


CUWL has approved $40,000 in FY08 to either extend or expand, as appropriate, commercial document delivery services at the comprehensive campuses and the Colleges to support currently unmet faculty research needs.   In FY09 $80,000 has been allocated for this initiative on the condition that participating libraries provide matching funds.

A working group will be charged with developing recommendations on which document delivery services should be selected, what steps should be taken by the participating campuses to ensure equitable access to the new or expanded services, and how usage will be managed to remain within budget.   The working group will be expected to submit their recommendations to the Collections and Resource Sharing Coordinating Committee by January 14, 2008.

Members for 2007-2008

Jan Bogstad (Eau Claire)
Ron Hardy (Oshkosh)
Mindy King (Stevens Point)
Richard Krause (Parkside)
Lisa Pillow (River Falls)
Mark Rozmarynowski (Colleges)
Heather Weltin (Madison)
Mary Williamson (WILS)
Judy Wurtzler (Platteville)
Paul Moriarty (System)
Lisa Jewell (System)


Report, July 2008

Report, January 11, 2008